Big Sam: Please don’t go. Featuring Wagner

Being a Sunderland AFC fan can only be described as a mixture of modest highs, but more often than not extreme lows.

2016 was no different.

After surviving (again) against all odds with Sam Allardyce in charge, it looked like we finally had the stability that every Sunderland fan craved - that was until England and the FA came knocking on our door ready to take Big Sam off our hands.

In what can be seen as a last ditch attempt at holding onto Big Sam, we got in touch with the one man who we hoped could help us out - Wagner.

We'd seen that Wagner would often serenade someone on their birthday, or on a special occasion, so why not for a cry for help?

An adaption of the KWS hit single 'Please Don't Go' followed soon after, which we published on a Sunderland based community Facebook page that we were involved with at the time.

The video went viral and within a few days we saw a reach of over 400,000 across social media, and was covered by local press such as Sunderland Echo, The Chronicle too.

In addition to the thousands of shares and retweets across the likes of Facebook and Twitter, it didn’t take long before our ‘creation’ was picked up by the world’s largest sports radio station talkSport, who interviewed our Creative Director, Mark, about how the video had came about.


As history shows, our efforts proved futile and Sam Allardyce left the club to take on the position of England Manager before the start of the 2016/2017 season began.


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