June 9, 2021

Bringing the Copper & White Spring Collection to life

Bringing the Copper & White Spring Collection to life

Copper & White, founded by York businesswoman Clare Morris, is an independent fashion brand that has become a permanent fixture at York’s Shambles Market. 2020 was a big year for the brand as they naturally had to nurture their online presence due to the effects of Covid-19.

We’ve proudly partnered with the brand since 2018, and in this last year, we’ve worked more closely in capturing photography. It all starts with seeing the collection. Understanding Clare’s vision for the C&W customer and figuring out a captivating way of translating this vision to the customer. We then created mood boards, snapped photos at possible locations and worked with our Creative Director, Mark Bewick in finalising what would work for the e-commerce site.

The concept

The final concept that was decided upon, was heavily influenced by Clare’s presence on the Shambles Market but also the shift we’d seen in consumer behaviour over the last few months. We saw customers making an occasion of visiting the market to pick up fresh produce. They met friends to grab a coffee and enjoyed perusing the stalls. We looked for beautiful luxuries to make our time at home more special, such as a bouquet of flowers and a bowl of freshly picked figs.

The shoot took place at two fantastic York locations. Supersonic Fitness and the Shambles Market gave us a beautiful juxtaposition of modern design and the heritage enriched streets of York.

With businesses beginning to open after the recent lifting of restrictions, we wanted to highlight and celebrate the strength and resilience of the independent businesses which give York its unique charm. The bustle of customers and the warmth of stall owners created a sense of community which was beautifully captured in the photography. You’ll see Laura from The Dark Horse Espresso Bar peeking around her trailer handing a hot drink to the models. Or maybe you’ve spotted John, whose eye-catching fruit and vegetable stall has been around for over 100 years!

Our work as brand partners

As brand partners, NIMA worked alongside Copper & White to produce and direct the shoot. We worked with an incredible team, which included photographer, Jennifer Thoburn, hair and make-up artist, Sonia Schofield, and of course Clare Morris herself who perfectly styled our models. And for the models, we worked with real women who represent Copper & White’s growing customer base of confident and authentic women. We were joined by Annie Stirk, Gayle Sharp, and Carolyn Amos. Three fabulous women who emanate a feeling of positivity. The perfect ambassadors for the brand.

The Copper & White Spring Collection is now available online.

“The shoot was hugely significant for Copper & White as I can now showcase the collection to a much wider audience as it can be viewed online and via all social media platforms. This has ensured that the brand has really taken off during lockdown and continues to do so. Our customer base is now UK wide, and the age of our customer now spreads across all ages from 20 up to 80.” – Clare Morris. Copper & White Founder.


Brand: Copper & White
Shoot Direction: NIMA
Photographer: Jennifer Thoburn
MUA: Sonia Schofield
Models: Annie Stirk, Gayle Sharp, and Carolyn Amos.
Locations: Supersonic Fitness and Shambles Market

November 19, 2020

Brand Development with Dolores & Rose Haircare

Brand Development with Dolores & Rose Haircare

Dolores & Rose are a Yorkshire haircare brand, offering a sustainable alternative to the traditional bottles of shampoo and conditioner, with their Shampoo & Conditioner Bars. A plastic-free alternative, that is vegan and sulphate free. An ethical solution that can still deliver exceptional results.

Our work with the brand began with a Brand Evaluation and Marketing Consultancy Session. We welcomed the brand’s founders, Jane and Caroline, for a half-day review where we revised the Dolores & Rose image, their marketing strategy, their growth and their future goals before working together to create a more clear and concise strategy. This was a fantastic day of insight which allowed the NIMA team to better understand the D&R offering, but also allowed the D&R team the time to reflect and review their journey so far.

As part of our future strategy on the brand image, NIMA began work on a styled photoshoot that could better represent the Dolores & Rose story, their look, and really speak to the target audience. The images created would need to be adaptable for their website, promotional literature, PR and social media.

We began this process by creating mood boards to better visualise our ideas. We worked with three concepts: ‘Sophisticated English Cottage’, ‘Concrete City Chic’ and ‘Bright British Floral’. Three concepts had their own identity and could all fit into the Dolores & Rose narrative, seamlessly. Concepts that would better engage the target customer, allow room for growth and ultimately, sell.

After much discussion and scrutiny, the mood boards were finalised, and we had our visual concept for the Dolores & Rose shoot. Vibrant colours, shades of magenta pink, buttery yellow and lavender purple. Clean lines, joy and rejuvenation.

From here, Lauren Dodds, our Operations Manager, was able to source the right photographer, hire models, organise props and backdrops, and ultimately bring the brand to life.

The day was a success and these stylish images were rolled out across the Dolores & Rose website and can be seen across their social media. They then formed a huge part of a 3 month PR campaign and Influencer Outreach programme, hosted by NIMA, with the photos being featured in a series of publications including The York Press, The Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Living Magazine.

Shoot Direction: @__officialnima
Photography: @lyndon_smith_photography
MUA: @michaelalove_makeup

October 30, 2020

Copper & White’s AW20 Campaign

Copper & White’s AW20 Campaign

Late October saw the NIMA and Copper & White team reunite to capture the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection.

Our MD and Brand Consultant, Nicky Hayer worked with the Copper & White team to establish the next steps in the brand's progression. “Clare has grown a business that is so welcoming and diverse. When she speaks about her brand, she speaks of how her customers feel – which is beautiful. She focusses so much on how the customer feels in the clothes, and success for her is knowing that she’s enabled someone to be the best version of themselves. We needed to see that in this shoot.”

We wanted to showcase the brand in a whole new light. Embracing its spirit of celebrating diversity and inclusivity. Introducing an urban, sophisticated, metropolitan feel to the brand which we see in their customers, but not necessarily in their branding.

We curated a powerful team of creative women for this shoot. Strong creatives, who could all bring something exceptional to the final product. Taking place at Roomzzz Aparthotels and the streets of York, Clare Morris, was on hand to organise and style the models between shots. Makeup Artist, Sonia Schofield, created a natural glowing look on our models to be photographed by the magnificent Andrea Dennis. Our Managing Director Nicky Hayer, and Operations Manager Lauren Dodds, were on set to direct the running of the day and to ensure that the complex shot lists were completed in full.

And then there were our team of models. Choosing your models is such a key decision. You want confidence and charisma, for who is ultimately going to become an ambassador for your brand. We had 4 fantastic women who each brought their own style and edge to the shoot.

The content captured on this day gave the brand a new urban yet classic feel and has since been used in social media content and newsletter communications produced by NIMA. The beautiful imagery can also be found in multiple regional publications, such as The York Press and The Yorkshire Post.

“The liaising between the whole team as we work together to create the vision represents everything that makes me proud to be a female businesswoman. We work together in utter harmony, we laugh, we talk, we smile, and we all want the shoot to be successful. I feel privileged to be part of such an amazing team.” Clare Morris – Founder of Copper & White

Shoot Direction: @__officialnima
Photography: @pinklilyphotograpyhy
MUA: @sonia.schofield.mua
Models: @anniestirkmodel, @flourishing_forties_, @elisawinstanley, @gayleysharp.

October 29, 2020

Behind the scenes of Pepper Girls Club AW20

Behind the scenes of Pepper Girls Club AW20

October 2020 was the month we collaborated with an inspiring team of creatives to visualise, organise, and shoot the latest Pepper Girls Club AW20 collection.

Pepper Girls Club was founded by Charlotte Crosby, a long-standing NIMA client, and we have had the pleasure of watching the fashion brand grow from the very beginning. This shoot was a turning point for the brand, as its popularity and reputation were accelerating at an extremely impressive pace. This shoot was symbolic of the brand's growth and placed Pepper Girls Club firmly in place alongside other popular retail boutiques.

In preparation for the shoot, we had conversations with the Pepper Girls Club team to understand their desired direction for the new collection and the brand image they wished to portray. We created various mood boards but eventually settled on a colour scheme of honey nudes, softly blushed pinks, and caramel browns. A modern and sexy palette that could appeal to both the existing clients as well as new.

Lauren Dodds, NIMA’s Operations Manager sourced and hired models, the photographer, the location and liaised with hair and makeup to ensure that the entire team were working to the same agenda.

“With having such a large amount of content to capture, selecting the best team possible was essential for us. The models we chose remarkably reflected the real women that identify themselves with the Pepper Girls Club brand, whilst the photographer beautifully captured their personalities and sense of confidence which shined through the imagery.” – Lauren Dodds. Operations Manager at NIMA.

The final images, taken by talented photographer Lyndon Smith, were a colossal success. Pepper Girls Club used this catalogue of photography to launch their new collection across social media, and we were able to use them to restyle the website, designed by NIMA.

We loved the creative and organisational process behind the AW20 Pepper Girls Club shoot, and the opportunity to work with some exceptional talents. Supporting a creative mind like Charlotte Crosby and breathing fresh life into an established brand is always rewarding and we look forward to seeing what can be achieved next.

Shoot Direction: @__officialnima and @charlottegshore
Photography: @lyndon_smith_photography
Videography: @liambeauvideo
MUA: @emmadevinemakeup
Models: @miacosquerr and @fro.dera

September 22, 2020

A new element of Clockface Beauty

A new element of Clockface Beauty

The autumn photoshoot for Clockface Beauty was a big day for the innovative skincare brand. With numerous new product launches evolving the brand’s offerings, as well as the arrival of The Skin Clinic, the content captured that day introduced the next stage for Clockface Beauty.

With the Essential Oil Blends and Natural Stone Bracelets due to launch in the coming weeks, we designed a campaign around the idea of surrounding yourself in Clockface Beauty. The new product lines created another dimension to how customers could use Clockface Beauty products, not just to improve their skin, but to calm their minds through irresistible scents and natural stones.

We built the perfect team of models and creatives. And the catalogue of images captured by photographer Georgina Harrison successfully portrayed feelings of tranquillity and peace, with a consistent feeling of warmth and luxury. Videographer, Cal O’Connell, filmed the wonderful sequences of Clockface Beauty Founder, Sarah Thomas, discussing the introduction to The Skin Clinic, as well as the informative tutorial demonstrating how customers use the new service.

Both the precise schedule and creative campaign plan designed by NIMA saw the day run like clockwork as the team worked together harmoniously. After a full day capturing content, we are thrilled to see the photography and videography being used across the Clockface Beauty social media platforms as the brand continues to develop and disrupt the luxury skincare market.

Shoot Direction: NIMA
Photography: Georgina Harrison
Videography: Cal O’Connell
Models: Sophie Arundel & Carolyn Amos

June 12, 2020

Our unconditional support for the Pride Movement

Our unconditional support for the Pride Movement

The news we watch on our TVs or read about on our news apps has taken quite the turn over the last few weeks. Protests have now become an everyday topic, preaching messages which are still needing to be heard.

One ongoing fight that mustn’t get lost in the wave of news is the fight for equality, awareness and understanding of the Pride community.

We have spent the last few days educating ourselves on the origins of the movement and its importance in today’s society. With one of our biggest projects of the year being York Fashion Week, we look up to the Pride movement as an inspiration that influences many aspects of the work we provide. We find it to be extremely important to have an understanding of the LGBTQ+ culture and to recognise the history of the movement.

The Pride movement originates back to the late sixties as the 1969 Stonewall Riots are what initiated the desire of having an organisation which stood up for the rights of individuals which identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transvestite. The riots began after New York police raided a well-known gay club, the Stonewall Inn, which led to six days of protests and violent conflicts with law enforcement.


Marsha P. Johnson. Photo: Netflix

A key figure who stood up to represent the LGBTQ+ community was Marsha P. Johnson who not only partook in the Stonewall Riots as an African American transgender activist and pioneer but also went on to found STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries). Due to the courageousness, confidence and support of Johnson, the first inaugural Pride march took place in New York City with around 5000 marchers in support of the movement.

Today, New York Pride is still one of the largest events the city oversees every year. However not with 5000 marchers, but with around 1 million. It’s an opportunity for people to feel empowered in their own skin, or for some to even step out of their comfort zone. Peaceful protests run through the streets of our largest cities to dispute the struggles that face the LGBTQ+ community. However, marches often become festivals, with individuals from all backgrounds celebrating the uniqueness, audaciousness and community strength of the Pride culture. Despite the current pandemic, the spirit of pride isn’t suppressed that easily as we are seeing a wave of digital pride celebrations taking place as a safer alternative.

Here at NIMA, we are lucky enough to find ourselves working amongst a diverse group of people and businesses from around the world. We come to work every day feeling inspired by the work of our clients and the creatives we surround ourselves with.

Year after year we continue to learn about Pride and endeavour to understand the issues which the movement still experiences today. We are consistently educating ourselves on the matters which are misunderstood and under-acknowledged in society, as it is essential for us to recognise all aspects of the world around us, the good, the bad and the ugly. This approach allows us to adapt our ways of working to suit the ever-changing culture and society we work in today.

We hold the greatest respect for those fighting to make a difference in the LGBTQ+ community and we will continue to play our role in supporting Pride in every way we can.

May 6, 2020

So, what is the next step?

So, what is the next step?

So, what is the next step? A question every business owner will ask themselves over and over again, and rightly so. For a business to be successful in the long term, it needs to continue to grow, evolve and improve, but deciding how best to do that and feeling confident in your decision can be so difficult.

As experts in brand management and business development, at NIMA we recognise this, and also the desire for validation that what you are doing is right and can deliver the desired result. Therefore, we offer consultancy for clients so that we can advise and support them throughout their business journey.

I wanted to learn more about this process, so this week I spoke to Clare Morris from stylish womenswear brand Copper & White who has been a client of NIMA for over two years. Our work together began with branding and web design, and social media training before progressing to ongoing marketing consultation, which now sees Clare come into our office every month to work on her business. NIMA has been at Clare’s side for each step of the way, meaning that Clare, “never felt alone on this journey. NIMA wanted my success as much as I did”.

My phone call with Clare started with a much-needed catch up before I went on to ask about how she first came across NIMA and why she decided we were the right fit for her. Clare met our Managing Director Nicky at an event and said that she, “Seemed different to the rest of the business world. Nicky was honest and warm. I felt an important connection with her straight away whilst she remained always professional.” Shortly after, Clare booked her first consultation session to discuss her business, which at the time had a different name. She recalled that;

“Nicky was insightful from the start, asking all the right questions and challenging me to open up whilst making me feel comfortable. It was like a light bulb moment when she asked me if I liked my company name, something no one had asked me before, and I suddenly thought; no, no I don’t.”

Successful consultation is more than just receiving advice, it is someone helping you reflect upon your decisions and bring their expertise to the table, to help enhance or adjust them.

Image courtesy of Pink Lily Photography

This first meeting led to a long term consultancy contract, which sees Clare and Nicky working side by side on the business, with a specific focus on the customer journey, next steps and business goals. Clare said,

“NIMA always knows where we should go next; it isn’t just a website and then they walk away, Nicky’s work with Copper & White evolved as the brand did, and her support was a vital part in the growth of the business.”

Whilst sharing more about her business journey and each step taken with NIMA, Clare highlighted how important honesty was throughout, but what she found valuable was the knowledge that she can take from each session, including Nicky’s knowledge of the retail market, customer trends and tech updates.

Clare went on to explain that part of her consultancy included the chance to recap and evaluate the brand’s current position, review sales and discuss successes or failings within the business, before looking forward and planning the next stage. Looking retrospectively, she said;

“Every consultation with NIMA is an honest two-way discussion, and I come away from each meeting with new vigour and excitement for what lies ahead.”

This is exactly what NIMA strives to achieve through consultations; to establish a vision and guide you in the right direction to achieving it. I hope Clare’s story offered some insight into the importance of looking ahead, taking ‘the next step’, and perhaps consulting an expert as you do so.

Do get in touch with us if you have any questions - the consultation is a service that we can offer remotely, and might be the solution to any challenges you might be experiencing at this time.

Be sure to check out the Copper & White website and follow their social pages to be part of this brand’s incredible journey.

April 21, 2020

It’s okay to ask for change

It’s okay to ask for change

At a time when we’re all locked indoors, our ‘normal’ lives feel far away and very much put on hold. Our activities and opportunities have become so limited, with tasks as necessary as going to work, or as basic as popping to the shops for a coffee restock are near impossible. As I am sure we are all aware, this has had a huge impact on businesses of all types. However, in the true spirit of entrepreneurship and business, many people have found ways to overcome these challenges - naturally many have done so by transitioning online. Whether this includes setting up an online shop, offering video consultations or a shift in services, businesses have made this necessary (virtual!) move so that business can carry on.

Similarly, businesses with an already established online are using this time look at and assess their current web presence. Is my website still working for me? Does it offer all the right things for my customers? Does it still represent my brand? Do I still like the design? Are questions you should frequently be asking yourself and reflecting upon, because if something isn’t right for you, from a tiny detail to the entire design, now is a great time to make a change.

With this in mind, I had a chat with our Creative Director Mark, who is the mastermind and designer of our clients’ beautiful websites - if I do say so myself! At NIMA, we understand how exciting the launch of a new website is, as you reveal your identity, put your work out there for all to see and share your business on a platform exclusively about you. But, Mark reiterates the importance of maintaining a fresh and up-to-date website beyond its initial launch.

Mark explains the reason behind this; “The digital world is so fast-paced and ever-changing these days. It’s very similar to the fashion industry. What’s trendy one year, can be the polar opposite of what it was the year before.” In essence, as your business, industry and competitors change, your website should change with it.

As experts in business management, NIMA ensure that this is the case and we keep in touch with our clients regularly to make sure that their websites continue to tick all the boxes. But sometimes your web designer might not realise that you need to make a change, add a feature or have a full-scale design change, and it’s up to you to open up that dialogue - something which many people find uncomfortable or tricky.

What if my web designer is offended? Or thinks that I am criticising their work? Are just some of the many worries that you might have when finding yourself in such a situation, and as the experts, we are here to reassure you that that’s not the case! “I can totally understand why it would feel awkward asking your designer to make changes to your website. You’re basically asking the person who made your website to do something different to what they thought worked best.” were Mark’s thoughts - as someone who has had such conversations with clients, he adds “But to be honest, if you’re thinking that your website needs freshening up, your designer is probably of the same opinion.”

Our advice would be, try to consider your web designer as your creative partner - you are constantly working together to create something which is both beautiful and effective, and consistently perfect for your brand. Your web designer will be fully aware that tastes, trends, requirements and needs change, so do not be afraid to ask!

Similarly, it might be that your web designer approaches you. We would hope this is the case; as your creative partner, they should always be on the lookout for ways to improve and enhance your site. It’s also important to remember that this isn’t their way of looking for another sale, or that they are doubting their previous work, but their way of making sure that the service they are offering you is consistently the best. This is a huge part of our ethos at NIMA, as we use our expertise and business insight to support our clients by preempting their needs - that is our way of ensuring excellent customer service and products.

A final thought from Mark is that “As the expert, it should really be your designer making the first move on this, however, if they haven’t, why not get in touch with them? It could be the start of some really exciting times for your website.”

February 22, 2020

Shooting a Spring/Summer Campaign for Clockface Beauty

Shooting a Spring/Summer Campaign for Clockface Beauty

We begin our photoshoot prep by planning out three months of social content for the Clockface Beauty brand. Establishing these messages in advance meant that we could have more control over photography, ensuring that the final product was fully effective for the brand.

Our ideas were then shared with the photographer, Georgina Harrison, and planning began on creating the most effective shoot day. The photography concepts revolved around the message of “rewriting the rules of skincare”. There are many things that skincare should be, complicated not being one of them. This campaign stripped skincare back to basics, highlighting the natural, organic and waterless ingredients found in all Clockface Beauty products. With bright, airy and simplistic shots in mind.

In terms of forming the perfect team, models were sourced, and a local photo studio ensured that we had a great setting for our series of concepts. We pulled together props linking to the Clockface Beauty brand, planned outfits with our wonderful models, and spent a full day playing with concepts and trying new ideas.

We're delighted to see the new photography being rolled out on the Clockface Beauty social profiles and customer newsletters and to see the brand being communicated in an entirely new way.

Shoot Direction: NIMA
Photography: Georgina Harrison
Location: York Photography Studio
Models: Ruth Preston, Elisa Winstanley, Sophie Stamford.

January 19, 2020

Launching a Pop-Up shop in Trinity Leeds

Launching a Pop-Up shop in Trinity Leeds

As longstanding Brand Partners of Clockface Beauty, we were delighted to be asked to support the launch of their Trinity Leeds Pop-Up shop.

This was such an exciting moment for the brand, as this would be the very first time that Clockface Beauty would be seen in its own space. An entire boutique dedicated to transforming and healing skin through natural skincare.

Our focus was to be Customer Experience and PR. So we started at the very beginning and supported the Clockface team with the recruitment process. Reviewing applications, conducting interviews and leading customer service training days allowed us to ensure that our client had the right team, and the right knowledge to deliver the 5* service that we wanted for the customer.

This then moved into tracking the customer experience at every touchpoint. Did the store look perfect, feel comfortable to shop in and was the flow of the store right? By speaking to customers and even by simply watching the journey, we were able to make tweaks and amends that improved customer experience but also drove sales.

Our role then moved into a PR, as we planned a series of beautiful events, reached out to local journalists and bloggers, engaged with local events including Made-Up Leeds and drove attention to the Clockface Beauty brand.

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