Shooting a Spring/Summer Campaign for Clockface Beauty

We begin our photoshoot prep by planning out three months of social content for the Clockface Beauty brand. Establishing these messages in advance meant that we could have more control over photography, ensuring that the final product was fully effective for the brand.

Our ideas were then shared with the photographer, Georgina Harrison, and planning began on creating the most effective shoot day. The photography concepts revolved around the message of “rewriting the rules of skincare”. There are many things that skincare should be, complicated not being one of them. This campaign stripped skincare back to basics, highlighting the natural, organic and waterless ingredients found in all Clockface Beauty products. With bright, airy and simplistic shots in mind.

In terms of forming the perfect team, models were sourced, and a local photo studio ensured that we had a great setting for our series of concepts. We pulled together props linking to the Clockface Beauty brand, planned outfits with our wonderful models, and spent a full day playing with concepts and trying new ideas.

We're delighted to see the new photography being rolled out on the Clockface Beauty social profiles and customer newsletters and to see the brand being communicated in an entirely new way.

Shoot Direction: NIMA
Photography: Georgina Harrison
Location: York Photography Studio
Models: Ruth Preston, Elisa Winstanley, Sophie Stamford.