“The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity!”

We remind ourselves of this quote a hell of a lot these days! Certain projects or situations can seem so daunting, that you have to remind yourself why you’re even bothering to take them on.

Standing outside of the impressive looking Hiscox Building in York, preparing to go in and pitch our business for entry into the Hiscox Business Club, was one of those times. A gorgeous piece of architecture, which is all glass, art and rockets! Peering in from the outside, and preparing ourselves to pitch was truly nerve-wracking to say the least. It can be incredibly easy to take something, and slowly help nurture it into something huge and terrifying! But, we handled it the best way we know. Head high, one foot after the other, and dive in.

Turns out it was a perfectly informal pitch…and we survived.

On arrival that night, we were under the impression that we were pitching for office space, but this quickly turned into a much bigger opportunity. One that we wouldn’t have had without taking those initial scary steps. Joining the Business Club is giving us the chance to meet and collaborate with an incredibly diverse bunch of business people, that is providing much-needed inspiration in this line of work. Plus, Hiscox provides quite a cup of coffee!

written by Nicky Hayer, Managing Director.

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