It’s okay to ask for change

At a time when we’re all locked indoors, our ‘normal’ lives feel far away and very much put on hold. Our activities and opportunities have become so limited, with tasks as necessary as going to work, or as basic as popping to the shops for a coffee restock are near impossible. As I am sure we are all aware, this has had a huge impact on businesses of all types. However, in the true spirit of entrepreneurship and business, many people have found ways to overcome these challenges - naturally many have done so by transitioning online. Whether this includes setting up an online shop, offering video consultations or a shift in services, businesses have made this necessary (virtual!) move so that business can carry on.

Similarly, businesses with an already established online are using this time look at and assess their current web presence. Is my website still working for me? Does it offer all the right things for my customers? Does it still represent my brand? Do I still like the design? Are questions you should frequently be asking yourself and reflecting upon, because if something isn’t right for you, from a tiny detail to the entire design, now is a great time to make a change.

With this in mind, I had a chat with our Creative Director Mark, who is the mastermind and designer of our clients’ beautiful websites - if I do say so myself! At NIMA, we understand how exciting the launch of a new website is, as you reveal your identity, put your work out there for all to see and share your business on a platform exclusively about you. But, Mark reiterates the importance of maintaining a fresh and up-to-date website beyond its initial launch.

Mark explains the reason behind this; “The digital world is so fast-paced and ever-changing these days. It’s very similar to the fashion industry. What’s trendy one year, can be the polar opposite of what it was the year before.” In essence, as your business, industry and competitors change, your website should change with it.

As experts in business management, NIMA ensure that this is the case and we keep in touch with our clients regularly to make sure that their websites continue to tick all the boxes. But sometimes your web designer might not realise that you need to make a change, add a feature or have a full-scale design change, and it’s up to you to open up that dialogue - something which many people find uncomfortable or tricky.

What if my web designer is offended? Or thinks that I am criticising their work? Are just some of the many worries that you might have when finding yourself in such a situation, and as the experts, we are here to reassure you that that’s not the case! “I can totally understand why it would feel awkward asking your designer to make changes to your website. You’re basically asking the person who made your website to do something different to what they thought worked best.” were Mark’s thoughts - as someone who has had such conversations with clients, he adds “But to be honest, if you’re thinking that your website needs freshening up, your designer is probably of the same opinion.”

Our advice would be, try to consider your web designer as your creative partner - you are constantly working together to create something which is both beautiful and effective, and consistently perfect for your brand. Your web designer will be fully aware that tastes, trends, requirements and needs change, so do not be afraid to ask!

Similarly, it might be that your web designer approaches you. We would hope this is the case; as your creative partner, they should always be on the lookout for ways to improve and enhance your site. It’s also important to remember that this isn’t their way of looking for another sale, or that they are doubting their previous work, but their way of making sure that the service they are offering you is consistently the best. This is a huge part of our ethos at NIMA, as we use our expertise and business insight to support our clients by preempting their needs - that is our way of ensuring excellent customer service and products.

A final thought from Mark is that “As the expert, it should really be your designer making the first move on this, however, if they haven’t, why not get in touch with them? It could be the start of some really exciting times for your website.”